About us

Llach Serra & Associats

We are a company specialising in the advice and management of companies and individuals, in the management of real estate assets, and in real estate marketing and consultancy.

With clear goalsWE ARE SPECIALISTS


Registered property administrators with years of experience in the horizontal property regime and in rental management who always find the best solutions in strict compliance with current legislation.


Economists specialised in each of the management areas, with a department specialised in the real estate sector, who offer their experience to the service of any project, achieving the best fit and providing the vision that every investor needs.


Covering the commercial, administrative, civil and criminal areas, and lawyers specialising in the real estate sector who oversee the processes and offer the best advice in all areas of management.


Professionals with extensive experience in each sector who offer their services to provide solutions to any need that may arise in relation to the management of real estate projects or assets.