Owners' communities

No more hassle

Administrators, lawyers, economists..., at your service.

Our extensive experience in the administration of homeowners’ associations allows us to offer a management service that provides maximum peace of mind to our clients. We are committed to high specialisation.

With a team that offers dedication, rigour and great professionalism, with the best advice and always looking for solutions, providing agile and immediate management of all incidents, and always with maximum transparency.


Each community has an officer as interlocutor. Any owner can communicate with this officer in person, by mobile phone, WhatsApp or email.

Depending on the needs of each community, extraordinary meetings will be held during the year to deal with matters that require it.


Each community has a separate bank account in its own name, thus ensuring total transparency in cash management.
The documentation of the community is always available for consultation and verification. Every year, the annual accounts are prepared and presented in detail so that everyone has all the information about the income and expenditure of their community.


We meet regularly with the suppliers and industrialists who provide services to the community in order to determine the real needs of the community and to check that both the services provided and the prices charged are in line with the market offer at any given time.

We renegotiate the contracts of the various suppliers as necessary in order to optimise the resources of each community.


We manage the collection of outstanding bills from owners, offering them viable solutions. We also take the necessary steps to collect the debts of properties awarded to banks.

And if the out-of-court procedures are not successful, we provide our clients with a team of lawyers who will take legal action under very advantageous conditions for the community, always seeking the best possible result.


We provide tax advice on all the community's tax obligations and carry out the necessary procedures and formalities correctly and punctually.


We deal with incidents according to the instructions of the community. We have a wide range of professionals and industrialists from all sectors who offer a professional quality service with all the guarantees and at a competitive price.


Our firm is in charge of the works from the very beginning of the project, making it an indispensable element in bringing any refurbishment project to a successful conclusion.

We ensure compliance with current regulations, collaborate in the selection of the best professionals, work closely with the works commission and supervise the treasury. We also take care of processing any subsidies for which the community may be eligible.


As specialists in Property Management, we offer the necessary legal advice in the field of Communities of Owners.

In addition, we keep abreast of the constant changes in current legislation that have a direct or indirect impact on homeowners' associations and we act accordingly, offering clear, direct and quick responses to each situation.